It rains quite often in K-Dramaland and snow also falls regularly which can give you the impression that it only has three seasons: spring, autumn and winter.

Weather in K-Dramaland is also often matching your mood. So when you are sad because you part, for instance, with someone beloved or something bad happens, don’t be surprised if it rains in these moments.
Also, people in K-Dramaland quickly come down with a cold or fever after having been exposed to the rain for a little while.
When the sun is shining and it rains nevertheless, this rain is called Fox Rain. Why the rain carries its name is explained in Glamorous Temptation-6:
“Long ago, there was a cloud that loved a fox. But that fox gets married to a tiger. The day the fox got married, the cloud hid behind the sun and cried, wishing for the fox’s happiness. That kind of rain is called fox rain.”

Protection against the rain
To protect themselves from rain, people in K-Dramaland who don’t have an umbrella with them, fold their hands over their head. Apparently women are more likely to forget bringing an umbrella. Men, then, will step in and give them their umbrella (and getting rained on in lieu of the woman) or give them the second pair that they took in prevision. Also, sharing an umbrella is very common in K-Dramaland.




Seeing people in K-Dramaland wearing mini skirts and leaving their coats open in winter, they seem to withstand the coldest season of the year very well. In case they are cold, the most favorite accessory is a scarf.
A favorite pass time in winter for K-Dramaland citizens is to play in the snow; building snow men, throwing snow at each other.
Also, it is a ritual for couples to meet when the first snow falls.


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