Watching K-Dramas

People in K-Dramaland love to watch KDramas to to cite lines or reference characters in their conversations. “You’ve watched too many dramas,” is also an expression used regularly.

/ Im Me Ah Ri watches Secret Garden on the plane in A Gentleman’s Dignity (2)
/ Mi-Sun in Yoo Na’s Street (12) compares here love life to the one of Kim Hee Ae in Milhwe (Secret Love Affair)
/ Woo Hyun and Seul Bi watching Discovery of Romance together in High School Love On (14)
/ Kim Hye-Jin and Ji Sung-Joon in She Was Pretty (7) both love the My Love From Another Star

Other K-Dramas watched/mentioned are:
Can I Love You? [“Drama where Park Shin Yang played the piano and sang”] — Pageturner-1
First Love — Glamorous Temptation-7
The Moon that Embraces the Sun — Splash Splash Love-1



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