Alumni Harvard University
Do Min-joon (My Love From the Star)
Ko Yi-Seok in Medicine (Heart to Heart)
Alumni NYU BUsiness School
Han Ji-Hoon (Contract Marriage)

Alumni Seoul University
Director Kang Seok Jun, CBM Broadcasting (Bubblegum)

  • Yun Seong University-College Campus - Rosy Lovers

Universities in K-Dramaland

  • Hankyeol University — Hyde Jekyll Me
  • Hanbit University — mentioned in Thumping Spike (2016, E5)
  • Harvard University — Love Story in Havard; mentioned in My Love From the Star
  • Jahcheon University — Second Time Twenty Years Old
  • John Hopkins University — mentioned in Doctors (2016, E3)
  • Keimyung University — Love Rain [more]
  • Korea University — A Daughter Just Like You-9
  • Korea National University of Arts — mentioned in Second Time Twenty Years Old
  • Munhwa University — The Alchemist
  • National University — mentioned in Five Children (2016-E37) [This is where the parents of Kim Sang-min and Tae-min where professors for Oriental Studies]
  • Seoul University — Splash Splash Love-1
  • Sung Hwan University’s Music School — mentioned Cheese in a Trap-16
  • University of Redlands, San Bernandino — The Heirs
  • University [in reality: Seoul Institute of the Arts]– Heartstrings [more]
  • Yun Seong University College — Rosy Lovers
  • Yeongmin University — She Was Pretty-1
  • Yonsei Medical School — mentioned in Reply 1988-18
  • Yong-Gang University — Dr. Frost
  • Yonyi University aka Yeonin [“The Intellectuals of Korea” is the slogan in the University’s logo]– Cheese in the Trap
  • Yoobae University — Second Time Twenty Years Old-16
  • Woocheon University — Second Time Twenty Years Old




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