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Most people in K-Dramaland take the bus at night time. For a lot of them, bus rides equal a time for uninterrupted sleep. Often you can observe that the person sitting next to somebody sleeping (their potential love interest in most cases) will direct the sleepy, dangling head either on his/her shoulder so that the person can sleep comfortably or will protect the head with his/her hand so that it doesn’t hit against the window. While doing so and afterwards, they’ll steal glances at the one who sleeps.
Other times, the bus ride is used for self-reflection or reminiscing about the time when being with somebody. The most preferred seats for doing so are those near the end of the bus.
A first encounter with your future partner can also happen on a bus ride even if this first meeting usually leaves a vey bad first impression on both parties involved.

Also, when taking the bus in K-Dramaland watch out for someone chasing after somebody who rides the bus. A quite common habit there.

At first glance it seems that bus rides are for free in K-Dramaland. But if you observe keenly you’ll see people holding their cell phone, credit card, or handbag (in which is a farecard) against a little machine at the entrance of the bus. A beep will tell them that their fare is payed. If you don’t have any of these paying devises you can pay in cash in throwing the coins in a plastic box next to the driver. A bus fare is 1100 Won ($1,10) for blue bus lines. The Seoul Tour Bus costs 10’000 Won per person.

How to pay in a public bus

Bus lines in K-Dramaland
No. 33 – Rosy Lovers-24
No. 110 – My Lovable Girl-2, Rosy Lovers-9, Mr. Back-13
No. 152 – Neighborhood Hero-1; Happy Home-E17 (2016)
No. 153 – Birth of Beauty-1, Detectives of Seonam Girls High School-1
No. 162 – Glorious Temptation-5
No. 262 – The Legendary Witch-1
No. 271 – Sweet Home Sweet Honey-4; The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (2016) [Kang Tae-Yang (Hyun Woo) takes this bus from KBC where his girlfriend broke up with him in episode 3] No. 301 – School 2013-3
No. 306 – Valid Love-5,10
No. 400 – Yeah,That’s How It Is-5
No. 421 – Bubblegum-13,14
No. 455 – Plus Nine Boys-9
No. 500 – Personal Taste-1
No. 601 – Sassy Go Go-4
No. 703 – Healer-17; Second Time Twenty Years Old-8
No. 710 – She Was Pretty-10
No. 813 – Five Children-8
No. 849 – On the Way to the Airport (2016) [Choi Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul) takes this bus in episode 10]; Mr. Back-2, Legendary Witch-9, Rosy Lovers-11; Happy Home (2016)-E22; Drinking Solo (2016) [This is the bus Park Ha-Na (Park Ha-Sun) takes in episode 2] No. 909 – Plus Nine Boys-5, Love Frequency 37.2-1, Rosy Lovers-11, She was Pretty-9; Because It’s the First Time-4

No. 금천03 – You’re Beautiful (Jeremy’s bus line)
No. 803 – Oh My Venus-1
No. 1008 – Second Time Twenty Years Old; Oh My Ghostess-7
No. 1020 – My Lovable Girl-3, Birth of Beauty-1, Legendary Witch-9
No. 1034 – Healer
No. 1165 – Click Your Love-6
No. 1377 – All ABout My Mom-30
No. 2134 – Pinocchio-4
No. 2224 – Marriage Contract-7
No. 3030 – Plus Nine Boys-11
No. 4011 – I Can Hear Your Voice, 49 Days-1
No. 8714 – Five Children-19 (2016)
No. 9408 – Lucky Romance (2016)-E8; Shopping King Louis (2016) [This is the bus the grandmother that stole Ko Bok-Sil’s (Nam Ji-Hyun) belongings takes when being chased by Bok-Sil.] No. 9711 (to Ilsan)- Plus Nine Boys-8

No. 78-8 (to Cheongju Orphanage) – Legendary Witch-9
No. 837 (to Cheonan) – Legendary Witch-9
Express bus from Gyeongspan to Seoul – My Heart Twinkle Twinkle-4

Bus 20-2 [Banghak-dong to Toegyero] — Reply 1988-4


  • Blue bus line 301 - School 2013


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