Special Days For Couples


Two-Two Day
When it is your 22nd day as a couple you ask your friends to give you an amount of money that equals this number like $2.20 or $22. According to beliefs, your couple will last longer with these well-wishings.

100 Days Couple Anniversary
Couples celebrate their 100th day together. A ring or necklace is a usual gift. It’s also a day on which couple will wear couple outfits like couple caps and/or t-shirts.

First Snowfall
You are in love? The first snowfall is your day to confess in K-Dramaland.
It’s also usual ritual to meet up as a couple when the first snow falls in K-Dramaland.

Asking friends for money on the 22nd day as a couple (Plus Nine Boys-10)
Necklace to celebrate the 100 Days Anniversary (Rosy Lovers-1)


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