Soju is the primary drink of choice in K-Dramaland. Everyone drinks it at nearly any occasion. People drink it while eating, when celebrating, when in grief (at the funeral service) or with a broken heart, when angry, depressed or troubled with problems. So it’s no wonder that a few little green glass bottles – that it comes in – can often be spotted on a dining, kitchen or restaurant table. Soju is also the alcohol that is exclusively served at pojangmachas. “Ahjumma, more soju, please!”, comes in as a handy expression here.
Another favorite drink in K-Dramaland is to mix soju with beer.

Also, soju is used when visiting bury grounds and served to the dead family members there. “You give it to the dead,” says somebody in The Legendary Witch-34 to mention this custom.

Drinking etiquette for soju
Soju has to be drunk in one shot from a small glass. After drinking people sometimes slam the glass on the table, make a grimace and the sound “Kkkk,” “Keeehh,” or “Ahhhh” (or only the latter two).
Also, people usually don’t pour the drink for themselves. There are rules who pours for whom depending on age, hierarchy and gender. When pouring soju for somebody else, people will hold the bottle with one hand and either support the serving arm with the other hand or put that hand on their chest. Rules of politeness also make people hide their glass behind a hand or turn away their head from their interlocutor when drinking.



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