Art Galleries–Museums

Art galleries and art museums are places where rich people in K-Dramaland go to and which are also exclusively owned and run by rich women.
People go here to meet a potential marriage partner or an ex-lover, to go on a date or to get inspiration for one’s own creative work.
  • Art Gallery - My Lovable Girl 4
Galleries in K-Dramaland
[1] Jungahn Gallery (Heard it as A Rumor)
[2] Galley White Block [view below on map] — Exhibition 의미의 패턴 (Patterns of meaning); August 1 – October 12, 2014 (Plus Nine Boys 2-3)
— Exhibition Fiskars Design Village: New and Classics;
October 29, 2015 until January 24, 2016(Bubblegum-6)
[3] Jung Art Gallery — Park Minsuk’s gallery in A Gentleman’s Dignity

Art Museums in K-Dramaland
Seoul Arts Center’s Hangaram Art Museum [view below on map] — Exhibition: “The British Museum Collection: Human Image”; run: 2015-12-12 until 2016-03-20 (Oh My Venus-10)
— Exhibition: “Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Exhibition”,run 28 May-28 Aug 2016 — Five Children Episode 47 [This is where Lee Yeon-Tae goes with her future mother in law ] National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art — Emergency Couple [view below on map]

Dongdaemun Design Plaza — Fated to Love You
— Exhibition: D. Pitt
Daejeon Museum of Art — She Was Pretty–1

Other Exhibitions in K-Dramaland
[1] “Auguste Renoir” – run 2015-10-1 until 2015-11-25 (She Was Pretty-9)
[2] “장 자끄 상뻬 Jean-Jacques Sempé-파리에서 뉴욕까지” — Beautiful Gong Shim (2016-E14) [Gong Shim goes here with Suk Joon-Soo] — KT&G Sangsangmadang Gallery (run 2016.04.30~2016.08.31) [view below on map]





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