Hospitals are very prominent places in K-Dramaland. Even for minor health issues like fever people go here.

● Everyone goes to the same hospital.
● Access is easy; there is always a hospital near the accident scene.
● Discharge is easy. Nobody even prevents people who were on the brick of death the day before from leaving.
● Transportation to hospital is not done by car, taxi, or ambulance: the patient is carried by a runninng person.
● Each room is equipped with a humidifier.
● The main medication is done through a drip needle.
● Cellphones can be used in hospital rooms.

Hospitals in K-Dramaland

  • Ae Tae Hospital–High Society-13
  • Asia Pacific Hospital–High Society-15
  • Choonwondang Museum of Korean Medicine [춘원당한방박물관]The Greatest Love (2010) [This museum (but also traditional medicine clinic) appears as the clinic of Yoon Pil-joo, a doctor of Eastern medicine clinic.][view below on map]
  • Daeun Hospital [in reality: The Catholic University of Korea Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital [가톨릭대학교부천성모병원]] — Marriage Contract-12 2016 [This is where Kang Hye-Soo goes for her cancer treatmeant] [view below on map]
  • Danjung Hospital–Sassy Go Go-1
  • Gukil Hospital aka Gukil Medical Center aka (Namyangju) Kookil Hospital aka (GIMC Mecidal Center)–Doctors (2016-E3)
  • Gwanghwamun Hospital— Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2016-E149)
  • Haegil Hospital–My Spring Days
  • Haesung Hospital [in reality: Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital]— Descendants of the Sun-1 [view below on map]
  • Han Kool University Hospital, Room 504–I Order You-9
  • HanKuk/Hanguk (Medical) (University) Hospital–My Lovely Girl, Scent of a Woman, Falling for Innnocence, D-Day, Syndrome; Beautiful Gong Shim (2016, E15) [This is where Ahn Dan Tae’s father lies in coma]
  • Hankook University Hospital — Happy Family-2
  • Hankyul Hospital [in reality: Incheon University, Seongdo Campus] — Hyde, Jekyll & I [view below on map]
  • Hanseo University Hospital–D-Day
  • Incheon Red Cross Hospital–49 Days
  • Jeju Baekrok Hospital–The Girl Who Sees Smells
  • Kanghan Hospital–Kill Me, Heal Me; What Happens to My Family-42
  • Kwanghye Hospital [in reality: Sinchon Severance Hospital] — Medical Top Team [view below on map] ]
  • Kyeungjae Hospital–Assembly-3
  • (National) Kyungsan Hospital–My Heart Twinkle Twinkle
  • Korean/Korea Hospital–Sweet Home Sweet Honey-4; All About My Mum
  • Korea University Hospital aka K-University Hospital–What Happens to My Family-35; I Order You-9; Lucky Romance-6 [This is where Bora, Shim Bo-Nui’s sister is hospitalized]
  • Mirae Hospital–D-Day
  • Myeongwoo Hospital [in reality: Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital] — Doctor Strange [view below on map]
  • Myungsei University Medical Center aka Hankuk Sunjin Hospital [in reality: Kang Dong Kyung Hee University Hospital (강동경희대학교병원)] — W-Two Worlds (seen e.g. in episode 2, 6) [view below on map

  • National Traffic Accident Rehabilitation Hospital [국립교통재활병원] — Uncontrollably Fond (2016) [This is where Shin Joon-Young brings Noh Eul when she has a car accident in episode 10][view below on map]
  • Saehyung Medical Center–Bubblegum
  • Sarang Hospital — One More Happy Ending–8
  • Sehan Hospital–Bubblegum
  • Seorim Hospital–Protect the Family-6
  • Seoul Hanmaum Hospital–Oh My Venus-1
  • Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital aka Myeongwoo Hospital aka Haesung Hospital [see above] Doctor Strange [This hospital was called Myeongwoo Hospital here]; Modern Farmer; Kill Me, Heal Me; The Descendants of the Sun-13 [view below on map]
  • Song Jin Hospital — Marriage Contract
  • Sungwon University Hospital [Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital] — Good Doctor
  • Woori University Hospital (Room 602)–Sweet Home Sweet Honey-4
  • Woosu University Hospital WSUH — Emergency Couple [here the hospital is in reality: Boramae Hospital – view below on map]; also seen in Thumping Spike (2016 – E7)
  • Tonbang University Hospital — Beautiful Gong-Shim E9 (2016)
  • Hae-gil Hospital - My Spring Days



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