Bus Stop

In K-Dramaland, bus stops are crucial places for romance to unfold. A boyfriend (to be) will wait here for his girlfriend and take her home. Here, a guy will chase after the bus because he needed to tell the girl who just got on the bus something important.
  • Bus stop WorldCup Park 4 Danji Apt. Back Door
Bus stops in K-Dramaland

  • Buam-dong Resident Center — Because It’s the First Time-E5
  • Geunmgok-dong — Doctors (2016-E2) [this is where the prenant woman collapses]
  • Hongik Univ. – Bus 909 — Plus Nine Boys E5
  • L.hotel Entrance – Bus 110 — My Lovable Girl-E1-2
  • Fair Trade Commission – Bus 601 — Sassy Go Go-E4
  • Songdo The Sharp First World — Happy Home-E17 (2016) [This is where one of Han Mi-Soon’s daughters takes the bus because she thinks she has seen Joo Se-Ri in it]
  • Underpass — Five Children E32 (2016)
  • WorldCup Park 4 Danji Apt. Back Door – Bus 3030 — Plus Nine Boys E11
  • Yeouido Underpass — Descendants of the Sun-E16 (2016) [This is where Yoo Shi-Jin looks at the poster for Kang Mo-Yeon’s medical TV show]



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