Amusement Park

Amusement parks are always open in K-Dramaland – even in winter.
If you go there you’ll usually buy head bands with ears or huge bows and wear them during your visit.

Amusement Parks in K-Dramaland

  • Everland — Kill Me, Heal Me [this is where the first kiss happened] [view below on map]; Thumping Spike- E1 (2016) [this is where Kang Se-ra and Hwang Jae-woong first meet; Hwang Jae-woong works part time here]
  • Herb Hillz— It’s Ok, It’s Love [this is where they went to see a friend’s gig] [view below on map]
  • Onemount — Pinocchio 7-8 [this is where the tow brothers met again the first time] [view below on map]
  • Wonderland [Lotte World] — Hyde, Jekyll, & I (2015); The Greatest Love (2011) [Dokko Jin confesses his love to Gu Ae-jung on Magic Island, the outdoor part of Lotte World] [view below on map]
  • Yongma Land — Angel Eyes



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