Payment Methods

Checks are quite a common way to make payments in K-Dramaland – especially when huge sums are in play. Most of the time these checks are handed over during a meeting in a white envelope. This envelope is put on the table and taken by the receiving side who checks, then, the content of the envelope – often by blowing into the envelope so that its content becomes more visible.

Credit card
Credits cards are mainly used by rich people in K-Dramaland. Offsprings and spouses of rich households will often get a credit card from their family for unlimited use. A usual threat or sanction by rich parents in K-Dramaland is thus to take credit cards away or to block them.

For smaller sums people in K-Dramaland use cash. Busfare can also be payed in cash even if there is a specific payment system for public transport in K-Dramaland.



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