Military Base

In comparison with, for instance, police stations, military bases are a very rare sight in K-Dramaland. Even if military service is mandatory for all men.
Military bases in and outside K-Dramaland

  • Camp Greaves — DMZ Experience Center [캠프 그리브스] — Descendants of the Sun (2016) [This was the military base in Afghanistan where the practice run for rescuing two UN representatives took place in episode 2
  • Military base in Urk — Descendants of the Sun (2016)
    This military base consist in fact of two places:
    — Samtan Art Mine — This is where the earth quake happens in Urk in Descendants of the Sun-6,7 (2016) [view below on map] — Taebaek Hanbo Exhausted Mine [한보탄광] [This is where the military is stationed in Urk] [view below on map]




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