Jimjibang aka Sauna aka Public Bathhouse

People in K-Dramaland go here to hang out with their close friends, family or their better halfs. It’s a sort of bonding experience during which you usually bath, take a sauna or just chill while watching television, reading or sleeping.
As for food, one usually eats hardboiled eggs during a stay here. It’s a ritual to crack them open in hitting them on someone else’s head.
Also, if somebody needs to quickly find a place to stay over night and can’t afford a hotel room, the jimjibang is always the first option.

Jimjibangs in K-Dramaland

  • Itaewon Land–이태원랜드– As seen in Secret Garden (2010-11) [This is where Kim Ju-won wakes up in Gil Ra-im body in episode 5 — 1F, 4F are shown]; Brilliant Legacy (2009); Lovers in Paris (2004); I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004) [view below on map]
jimjibang -eggs-kdrama-secret-garden-episode-5
jimjibang -sleeping-kdrama-secret-garden-episode-5


Upon arrival, you’ll get a specific gendered outfit: men wear blue and women orange or pink. Usually people make a hat out of their towel and wear it during their stay like Ahn Ma-nyeo (Surplus Princess) does it right there:




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