(Jeju) Island

Some people live here, but most people in K-Dramaland go to islands for vacation or their honeymoon – especially Jeju Island. Whereas the access to Jeju Island is by plane, most other islands can be accessed by boat. In this case, it will often happen that city people forget to check when the last boat leaves and will need to stay overnight in a guest house. Those are often kept by elderly people that rent out rooms in their house. By coincidence, if this happens, there will also be a room shortage on the island and two people who are initially opposed to this idea, need to share a room.

Islands in K-Dramaland
Jeju Island (All In, Boys Over Flowers, Lie to Me, My Lovable Girl, Princess Hours, Secret Garden, Scent of a Woman)
Kanghwa Island — mentioned in Five Children (2016-E37) [this is where the parents of Kim Sang-min and Tae-min live after their retirement] Udo Island (My Spring Days)
Yeoul Island (Fated to Love You)

Jeju Island
Udo Island



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