Houses in K-Dramaland

  • Cha Jae-Wan’s House [in reality Cafe 시인과바다] — Hotel King-32 [Cha Jae-Wan moved in this beach house with his mother at the end] [view below on map]
  • Dokko Jin’s House [in reality: Kim Chong Yung Art Museum–김종영미술관] — The Greatest Love (2011) [The exterior and main hall were used] [view below on map]
  • Hong Ji-Hong and Jung Toon-Do’s House [in reality: House of Open Books] — Doctors (2016) [This is Hong Ji-Hong and Jung Yoon-Do’s house, it’s showcased in episode 6 and 15] [view below on map]
  • Jang Jae-yeol’s Mom House — It’s Okay, It’s Love [view below on map]
  • Kang Mo-Yeon’s House — Descendants of the Sun (2015) [view below on map]
  • Ki Jae-Myeong House aka Khuntoria house — Pinocchio [Choi Dal-Po aka Ki Ha-Myeong’s brother lives here] [view below on map]
  • Lee Kyu-Won’s HouseHeartstrings aka You’ve Fallen For Me (2011), seen for example in episode 10 [view below on map]
  • Oh Ri-Jin & Oh Ri-On’s Family House [Garden Gallery] — Kill Me, Heal Me [view below on map]
  • Orgel 4757 [오르골 4757] — Kim Hye-jin’s and Min Ha-Ri’s House — She Was Pretty (2015) [view below on map]
  • Sanggojae [상고재] — Personal Taste House [view below on map]
  • Tae Gong-Shil’s Rooftop House — The Master’s Sun [Tae Gong-Shil’s house is on top of PyoungAn Church [평안교회]] [view below on map]
  • Yoo-Na’s House — Yoo-Na’s Street [view below on map]
  • House where everybody lives in It’s Okay, It’s Love [view below on map]




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