Hotels in K-Dramaland are not only used for a (longer) overnight stay. Some people live there and other go there to party, to have dinner, or have a drink (or rather too many) at the hotel’s bar. Usually weddings are also held in the wedding reception hall of hotels.

Rich people in K-Dramaland generally stay in high-end hotels and book the suite room. In general, hotels should be booked in advance because they will usually only have one room with a single bed available otherwise. People are thus quite often forced in K-Dramaland to share a bed without being in a love relationship. Another situation that happens quite often in K-Dramaland is that (usually because of too much drinking) two people of the opposite sex will wake up in the same hotel bed and do not know how they ended up there neither if “something” happened during the night spend together.

  • Secret Hotel - My Secret Hotel

Hotels and hotel rooms in K-Dramaland

  • Ara Hotel — She was Pretty-11
  • The Ananti Club Seoul [Hotel My Lovely Girl] — My Lovely Girl [view below on map]
  • Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel [벨레상스 서울호텔]–As seen in W-Two Worlds (2016) [Kang Chul gets stabbed on the rooftop/heliport of this hotel and is saved by Oh Yeon-Joo in episode 1, the same scene is shown in episode 5 where we learn that it’s Oh Yeon-Joo’s father who stabbed Kang Chul] [view below on map]
  • The Ciel Hotel [in reality: Hotel Intercontinental Alpensia] — Hotel King [view below on map]
  • Empire Hotel (Room 6401-Suite Room)— Falling for Innocence-1
  • Hotel Ja — Second Time Twenty Years Old-14
  • Hotel Maison de Flore (Room 306) — I Need Romance 3-3
  • The Suites Hotel — One Sunny Day-9
  • Hotel ILLUSO Seoul (Suite Room) — Oh My Venus-2
  • Grand Hyatt Hotel — Boys Over Flowers [view below on map]
  • Imperial Palace Hotel Seoul — Lovers in Prague; Can We Get Married; Goong [view below on map]
  • Hotel Grand Ambassador Seoul associated Pullman [그랜드 앰배서더 서울 어소시에이티드 풀만] — Smile, Dong-hae aka Smile Again (2010-11) [This hotel appears as Camelia Hotel here. Dong-hae works as a chef at the hotel’s restaurant]. [view below on map]
  • Macau Venetian Hotel— Boys Over Flowers (2009), Fated to Love You (2014) [view below on map]
  • Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles — The Heirs [view below on map]
  • RakKoJae [락고재] Guesthouse –My Lovely Kim Sam-soon (2005) [This is the hostel where Dr. Henry Kim stays as seen, for instance, in episode 6][view below on map]
  • The Shilla Hotel Jeju — Marry Him If You Dare; Miss Korea (2014) [view below on map]
  • Tiro Hotel — Oh My Venus-5
  • W Seoul Walker Hill aka W HotelLie To Me (2011) [this hotel appears here as World Hotel run by Hyeon Gi-joon (lobby, bar, rooms, restaurant were shown)]; Athena (2010) [the “restroom fight scene” between Son-Hyuk and Chu Sung-hoon takes place in the basement of this hotel]; Medical Top Team; Fated to Love You [view below on map]


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