Quite a lot of people, most likely men from the upper class but also some women suffer from different sorts of phobias in K-Dramaland. When confronted with a situation that triggers their fear, they will usually break out in sweat or hyperventilate.

Among these fears are those of
– wide, open, public spaces (Flower Boy Next Door),
– being in closed or small spaces – nearly always triggered by riding an elevator (Secret Garden, High Kick 3, Protect the Boss),
– music (My Loveable Girl),
– deep-water (Boys Over Flowers),
– driving (Boys over Flowers),
– crowds (Protect the Boss),
– sex (It’s OK, It’s Love),
– commitment (It’s OK,It’s Love),
– truth (Birth of a Beauty),
– germs (Mysophobia),
– kisses (Divorce Lawyer in Love),
– blood (Big, Bubblegum) or
– heights (Daemul).
– hospitals (Bubblegum’s heroine)
– injuries (Bubblegum’s heroine)

These phobias most often root in a traumatic (childhood) experience like a car accident, an abduction or a traumatic school experience.



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