Usually men drag women along in K-Dramaland by using a wristgrab, i.e. they grab her wrist and tear it violently. A variation of this classical wristgrab is when a man suddenly grabs a woman’s wrist who has already turned her back to him, leaving, and yanks her so that she faces him again.
The wristgrab is used by men for various occasions: to drag a woman away from a difficult situation, to prevent a woman from leaving or to steer her in crowds. Triggered by jealousy, the wristgrab is used by men to take a woman away from a love rival and thus to declare the woman in question to be his (even if she isn’t yet). A passionate kiss, a confession or a tearful plea often follow the wrist grab. In K-Dramaland a wrist grab can also be understand as the first base in a relationship.

The woman’s reaction toward this gesture varies from following along while yelling “It hurts,” to being surprised, mad or confused.

An equivalent gesture for women is the “jacket edge grab.”


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