Taking an elevator in K-Dramaland can often become a very uncomfortable experience. And there are loads of possibilities why. Right when the doors of the elevator open, the person standing opposite of you, for example, can be the person you really had set out to avoid. If not observing closely who is in the elevator, it will usually happen that you walk in on your crush hugging or kissing their ex. You might also get stuck on an elevator with a person you hate or that makes you uncomfortable. This can be your love rival, your ex with whom you just had a fight with, your first love, your annoying mother in law, and/or your archenemy. Or, something extremely embarrassing might be happening to you during the ride (think farting).
In revenge, the elevator is also a place for missed opportunity to talk or for a couple holding hands in hiding in a crowded elevator, for a man to protect the woman he likes in an overcrowded elevator, a boyfriend kissing his girlfriend. But if you really want to talk to the person that just takes the elevator, the doors will close right when you arrive in front of them and you will usually have to use the emergency staircases instead to try to catch the person downstairs.



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