A Date in K-Dramaland

Dating is a crucial affair in K-Dramaland and quite a few rules apply to make it a perfect date. Usually men plan a date and are hold responsibility for it.
Things that are usually done on a date that are respected by most couples are:
– feed each other food (preferably at a street stall)
– take a walk together (most preferably in a park)
– go to Namsan Tower
– watch a movie together
– (sometimes) go to a motel
– go to an amusement park
– pick nick together
– play “catch me if you can”
– ride on a couple bike
– take selfless
– eat at a street stall
– listen to street musicians
– (depending the season) go see cherry blossoms together

Men should be attentive to the following:
– (in colder weather) to give your coat to your better half and shiver for her instead
– to leave the woman the choice what to eat
– buy a hair clip
– buy sweet potatoes
– open the car door for the woman
– to attach the seat belt for the women while saying: “Hey, are your hands made of feet”?


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