Sleeping Habits

People in K-Dramaland prefer to sleep in street or day wear over changing into pajamas for the night. Like this, they can wake up and directly leave to work. One exception to this are couples that favor matching pajamas as night wear. Women will also usually not remove their make-up before going to bed.

Besides these habits, most people in K-Dramaland fall asleep easily and can sleep anywhere, anytime. You’ll thus see people sleeping on the bus, a park bench as well a stranger’s couch or floor. Most people sleep also very profoundly. They won’t wake up when somebody for example strokes their eyebrows or brushes a strand of hair out of their face.

When sleeping over at someone’s place, you might be sleeping at the floor like a lot of citizens of K-Dramaland do. A guest bed is rapidly put together by two blankets: a thicker one as mattress and a thinner one as blanket. If two people that are not on good terms, for example ex-partners or a bickering to-be-couple, will need to spend the night in the same room and there is only one bed available, usually one will sleep also on the floor or a couch.

Also, if you happen to fall asleep at someone’s home in a rather uncomfortable position, someone will, instead of waking you up and/or carrying you to bed, most likely cover you with a blanket – a gesture quite often observed in K-Dramaland. If you’ll fall asleep at your working place, someone might probably cover you with his jacket or sweater.



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