People go here usually to pray. Women, to do so, wear a white lace veil.

Churches in K-Dramaland

  • Gongseri Catholic Church [공세리성당] — You Are Beautiful (2009); Fated to Love You (2015); Uncontrollably Fond (2016-E1) [This is where Shin Joon-Young’s film is shot.] [view below on map]
  • Island Resort’s Chapel — Marry Me If You Dare (2013) [view below on map]
  • Yakhyeon Cathedral — Emergency Couple (2014), Prime Minister & I (2014); Bride of the Century (2014) [view below on map]
  • Youngnak Church [영락교회] — Big-1 (2012) [This is where Gil Da Ran and Seo Yoon Jae meet the first time at a wedding] [view below on map]




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