Buddhist Temple

People go here to pray for their own or others’ well-being, to mourn or to stay for a longer period of time to cut ties with their family and, more in general, the life they led before.

Temples in K-Dramaland

  • Baekdamsa Temple [was often int the media in 1988 because a certain famous politician was hiding out there] — Reply 1988-9
  • Bomunsa Temple [보문사]When it’s at Night-7 (2008) [Beom-sang takes Cho-hee to pray][view below on map]
  • Jingwansa Temple — World’s Within (2008), My Lovely Sam Soon
  • [view below on map]

  • Naesosa aka Naeso Temple [내소사] — Damo(2003) [where Chae-Ok was cured]; A Jewel in the Palace (2003-04) [where Seo Jang-Geum served her teacher court lady], Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin (2004-05); Lovers in Prague(2005)-16 [This is where Jaehui and Sanghyeon go on a date]; Song of the Prince (2005-06) [view below on map]
  • Tae Ahm Temple in Tongyoung — Assembly-3


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