Feeling miserable? Being worried? Citizens of K-Dramaland go to a bar on these occasions – either alone or with a close friend to share their pain.

Bars in K-Dramaland

  • Bar MAD — One More Happy Ending-7
  • The Heba Club Lounge — Emergency Couple [more]
  • Katakomb Lounge Bar — Marry Me If You Dare; Prime Minister & I; Emergency Couple; Fated to Love You [more] [Directions]
  • KG Bar — One Well Raiser Daughter-44
  • Sally’s Guitar
  • Once in a Blue Moon — Cunning Single Lady [more]; Triangle–1; My Lovely Girl-7
  • Wine Factory Lagoon — Who Are You School 2015 [Directions]
  • Zoe Bar — I Miss You [more]




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