People in K-Dramalanad quite frequently take a plane, so the airport is quite an important place here. Most of the time, you’ll see people returning from the States who have studied or worked there or you’ll see people flying there.

Often times the leaving person is chased down by somebody – mostly their lovers – to stop her/him from departing. In most cases they will be able to say good-bye right before the person has to enter the boarding gates, but sometimes they will also run around so furiously that they pass by the person they are searching.

Cellphones don’t work/connect here.

Airports in K-Dramaland
Gimpo Airport — Reply 1988-2; Beautiful Gong-Shim 2016 [Gong Shim takes her flight to Jeju Island from here in episode 9] Incheon Airport — Scent of a Woman
Jeju Airport — She Was Pretty-12
Urk International Airport — Descendants of the Sun-2





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