Call them laws, rules, or clich├ęs. K-Dramas are full of them. It’s their lifeblood.
Here you will find not the best or most common ten or fifty of them – you’ll find all of them in one place.
The Piggyback ride, the wrist-grab, the getting fever after five minutes in the rain, the battery taking out of the cell phone to switch it off, but also wiping tears away with a thumb, playing Rock Paper scissors, drinking soju or usual places people in K-Dramaland go to, their favorite foods and drinks, their health issues or how they go from one place to another. I want to get all these things together and thus get a better and complete picture of K-Dramaland. What did and do I find there when traveling there through K-Dramas ?

But this is also a platform on which conventions, rules, and laws of K-Dramaland can be discussed and collected together. Submit, if you think something is missing, write, if you think something is wrong or just comment and add your favorite place in K-Dramaland, a situation that grabbed your heart, made you happy or bawl your heart out.

Take part in this adventure.